Video Guides for Doctors & Scientists

Online Presence Course for Doctors & Scientists

In this video series, I help doctors and scientists enhance their online presence.

Manage References with a SINGLE CLICK

This is the system I use to write manuscripts and manage my references with Zotero and Notion  ...and have fun along the way 😎.

My Workflow for Reading & Writing Manuscripts

I stopped using Acrobat Reader and Microsoft Word, and never looked back!
This is how I use Notion and Readwise Reader.

How to Write an Abstract in 10 Minutes

And should you use ChatGPT to write it for you?

How to Make PubMed Search and Download For You

How to set up a PubMed feed on your phone, saving you time and frustration.

How I Use Anki Flashcards

Learn about active recall and spaced repetition, followed by a step-by-step guide on setting up Anki on your phone and computer. 

How I Studied for the USMLE.

How I scored 252 on USMLE Step 2, and how I failed Step 1. 

Including tips for Step 3 and CCS.

How to Build a Schedule for the USMLE

No matter how busy you are, you can fit the USMLE in it. This is how.

USMLE: Things I Know Today I Wish I Had Known Before

15 things I learned after taking steps 1, 2, and 3.

How I Studied for the TOEFL.

How I scored 111 on the TOEFL while juggling a busy schedule.
Including a tip sheet.

What's in My Bag

What I Carry to the OR (operating room):
Camera gear, headlight, loupes, batteries, and chargers.

Clinical Photography - a Complete Guide

Watch my secrets for clinical photography after taking professional photos for 10 years.